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Thread: ** please read ** May 30, 2918

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    ** please read ** May 30, 2918 will live again. As you can see, its been vacant, but that will soon change. Feel free to log in or register and join the conversations!

    Thanks for your interest!

    Wayne Clayton

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    Woo hoo! I love it! Thank you

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    Thank you Wayne for making this happen again! I hope to see Trackforums become what it use to be 10 years ago! It will be nice to be able to see all of the race results/updates ALL in one convenient place! Most tracks now have more than 1 page, and you never know where to look, and Facebook hides what it doesn't want you to see. I'm glad that Trackforums have been revived!

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    Glad to have it back! Hoping all race tracks will utilize this as the universal place for info and results like it used to be! I have missed this place.

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    Glad to see this website rise up again!!

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    Fire it up !

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