• South Eastern Crate Association to debut in 2013

      December 21, 2012
      South Eastern Crate Association Set for 2013 Debut
      We are pleased to announce the arrival of The South Eastern Crate Association. (SECA)
      SECA was formed with the intent of providing SIMPLE solutions for local (weekly) tracks and weekly crate late model drivers.

      SECA will offer a Weekly Points program that will utilize the name (CITY CHEVROLET SECA WEEKLY POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP) and will pay out $17,000 between the top 20 drivers with $6,000 going to the overall champion. Our plan is simple, you race 15 races at any SECA sanctioned track and you will be eligible for the points money. SECA management is currently in talks with several tracks throughout the Carolinas, and into Georgia. SECA feels that this area provides a nice variety of tracks and a surplus of drivers.

      After long talks with drivers and tracks, we feel that this is the perfect time for SECA to get involved locally and see where it goes. Here at SECA the talks with tracks and drivers seem to be building a lot of excitement and we are extremely pleased with that. SECA plans to offer things to our member tracks that other sanctions can not. SECA is NOT A SERIES, and that alone allows us to give 100% commitment to our weekly tracks. Having the support of City Chevrolet and Hoosier is a big deal for us, without those guys, this would be merely a conversation. Both organizations have a track record of working with the promoters and drivers in seeing that the best interest for all is kept in mind.

      In today's economy it is so tough on these drivers, and their families to go racing each week. We see this as an advantage for what SECA is trying to do. The Pros definitely outweigh the Cons with SECA. We have crunched numbers, and ran through thousands of ideas, and possibilities, and with SECA and the tracks teaming up we will be able to re-energize some of our local tracks crate late model programs. When its all on paper for the tracks, there is no doubt SECA is the best bang for the buck for tracks and drivers.

      SECA has been formed and will be managed by Timmy Mcabee, Scott Childress and Marion Limbaugh. All three have extensive backgrounds in dirt track racing. "Let me first start by saying SECA is NOT a SERIES and we are not reinventing the wheel with this deal. We feel there are currently plenty of series out there for drivers to run, and we are not currently looking at playing in that pool. We also feel that there is a huge amount of room for SECA and our radar currently is directed at specific tracks and drivers that run those tracks on a consistent basis" Stated Mcabee. "We had a quick conversation and the next thing you know we had secured a few big sponsors and we have and will continue to work very diligently to be able to provide our services to our local tracks and drivers." Added Mcabee

      Scott Childress (promoter of Harris Speedway) followed with "SECA is going to be an exciting opportunity for me. From a racer, and promoters standpoint, I know what gets the blood flowing. This provides racers the chance to stay close to home, and get paid pretty well. I see everyone benefiting from SECA. Our mission is to work closely with tracks and drivers and provide both with options that benefit their needs. Without having to worry about traveling in order to get a paycheck, drivers can save money, and that means the promoter gets another car in his pit area."

      "I have worked with Scott at Harris and I have also worked with Timmy during our series days, and these guys are serious. I think we have a great group with tons of tribal knowledge and even more fresh ideas. We are hitting the sponsors running right now, and I am here to tell you SECA will grow, and grow very fast before the season even gets started. I am confident in what we are bringing to the table, I think the tracks are going to gain, and I think the drivers will enjoy running with SECA. The amount of money being offered in our first year is a tremendous starting point, and we have set our goals for 2013 extremely high." Stated Marion Limbaugh also promoter of Harris Speedway.

      There will be more press releases in the very near future, with major announcements such as Rules, Website home, and tracks that are SECA members.

      For more information regarding SECA please contact
      Timmy Mcabee (864) 761-6039
      Scott Childress (864) 346-3588
      Marion Limbaugh (864) 238-2254
      Partners of the SECA include: City Chevrolet, Hoosier Racing Tires, Collins Signs, Ivey Construction, Heintz Performance, Ellison Racing Engines, Kenny Lamb Racing Engines, and Hendren Racing Engines